Request for Speaker Proposal

The 2020 Texas State Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Academy Annual Conference and Exhibition Conference Planning Team is accepting speaker proposals. Scheduled for April 2-4, 2020 at the Sheraton Austin Georgetown Hotel & Conference Center in Georgetown, the conference will bring together an estimated 500-600 food and nutrition professionals.

Presentations will reflect cutting edge research and practical applications. Proposals are being accepted for general and concurrent sessions.

Please read all info below before submitting your speaker proposal.

Section I:  General Guidelines

  • All proposals are due on or before October 15, 2019 by electronic submission to the email address (and via the submission link) shown in Section IV.
  • Only advanced session (Level II or III) in all suggested topic areas will be accepted.  Speakers must be seasoned professionals with demonstrated proficiency and excellence addressing audiences of up to 500 professionals.
    • Category II:  Assumes that the participant has general knowledge of the literature and professional practice within the areas(s) covered.  The focus of the activity is to enhance knowledge and application by the participant.
    • Category III:  Assumes that the participant has thorough knowledge of the literature and professional practice within the area(s) covered.  The focus of the activity is synthesis of recent advances and future directions.
  • Up to two (2) submissions per individual or group will be reviewed.
  • Proposals from individuals who have not presented at previous Texas educational conferences are encouraged.
  • RDN speakers must be Academy members.
  • All conflicts of interest and/or potential sponsorship must be fully disclosed at the time of proposal submission.


Section II:  Preferred Speaker Topics

The educational conference speaker selection committee is open to most topics under most learning codes and performance indicators. Major topics that the convention planning team is seeking include:

  • Entrepreneurial/ Business issues
  • Diabetes
  • Communication skills
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Telehealth/TeleMedicine
  • Renal Nutrition
  • Disease Prevention
  • Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Support
  • Ethics
  • Weight management/Obesity
  • Wellness & Public Health
  • Food Safety
  • Education, Training and Counseling
  • Cultural, ethnic food and culinary practices
  • New trends in foods, new food products
  • Evaluation and application of research

Section III:  Evaluation Criteria

Topic relevancy and cutting-edge or new information, the proposal’s overall relevance to the identified topic areas, as well as importance and benefit to members.

Applicant’s experience in practice, research and presenting on the proposed topic(s).


Section IV: Compensation 

The Texas Academy will compensate the speaker in the amount of $500.00 to be paid within 30 days after the event.

In exchange for your presentation, the Texas Academy will provide the following:

  1. Registration – The Texas Academy will provide you with complimentary registration to the annual conference (ACE).
  2. Travel – Airfare
  3. Housing – The Texas Academy will fund your housing for 1 night. The Texas Academy will make your reservation for you upon receipt of the enclosed housing form. [Note – this may be revised to permit the Speaker to make his or her own housing arrangements with the advance agreement of the Texas Academy].

Incidental Expenses – The Texas Academy will fund your incidental expenses for up to 2 days to a maximum of $40 per day. Receipts for reimbursable expenses are required. All expenses must be received within 30 days of the event.


Section V:  Submission Requirements
Two steps are required for proposal submission:

  1. Completed 2020 Conference Speakers Proposal Online Form: Submission Form
  2. Curriculum vitae, or bio and resume, for every proposed speaker. Please limit curriculum vitae to four (4 pages maximum) and email to.  Your file name should be your last name with first initial – CV (jones, d-CV.doc). 

The Annual Conference Planning Committee will begin discussion with proposed speakers in October and early November.  Initial feedback on all submissions will be sent via e-mail by November 15th