April is Advocacy Month for the Texas Academy! The Farm Bill, a top public policy priority of the Academy and RDNs, is a bill that must be reauthorized every 5 years and includes many nutrition-related programs including SNAP and the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP).

We are encouraging all members and students to visit their Federal Representative during the month of April to talk with them about the importance of this bill. Congress will be home (in-district) March 26 – April 6 and April 30th – May 4th — this is the best time to set up appointments! See below for all the details on how to set-up an appointment and everything you need to know about the Farm Bill so you will be prepared to talk to your legislators.

Contact your Region Legislative Coordinators or Hallie Kaplan (public_policy@eatrighttexas.org) and Bailey Weiner (state_policy@eatrighttexas.org) for more information

Main Resources (attached or links)
1. Farm Bill 101
2. Academy’s Priorities for the Farm Bill
3. Farm Bill Leave Behind
4. Farm Bill In-Depth / Full Report
5. How To Set Up an In-district Meeting

More In-Depth Resources
6. SNAP 101
7. EFNEP 101
8. BCP Report on Improving Nutrition in SNAP
9. CPBB Report on SNAP and Improved Health Care