Knapsack Nibbles for Back 2 School

By: Karen Geismar, Karen Beathard, Rachel Poland, Julia Jarrell, Tabitha Odom, Shelley Filipp, Carol Bradley


Now that summer has ended and we are back in school, what are the best choices to fuel your scholar? Why not try one of the following tips to involve your kids in choosing, tasting, and creating great snacks and healthy habits?

To start, get your kids involved. Get them interested by letting them pick out new fruits and vegetables to try at the grocery store. We all love choice and it will help them understand about variety within the basic food groups. Do a taste test with the new foods separate from mealtime. Current research has found it may take 10-20 exposures to a new food for some kids to accept it. By doing a tasting separate from mealtime, if your child rejects it at first or barely tastes it, they haven’t missed an important part of that meal.

Pick two! Pair two foods from different food groups. Protein choices include cheese sticks, nuts, boiled eggs, hummus, and yogurt. Pair one protein food with another choice such as celery or baby carrots, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, berries, apple slices or apple sauce. The combinations are endless when trying to achieve variety. Keep a supply of these items in the fridge within easy reach of your child.

Make it easy! If you are short on time, buy pre-cut fruits and veggies and pre-prepped proteins, including nut and cheese portion packs. There are more and more options all the time. When time allows, portion out fruits, veggies, nuts and cheeses into sandwich or snack-size bags ahead of time.

Try one of more of these ideas to get your school year in gear and maintain healthy eating habits all year.