Submitted Test Page


Thank you for your interest in writing for the Texas Academy website. The goal is to enhance the homepage with consumer information while providing the public with quality, evidence-based nutrition information through rich media formats. We are looking for original and engaging articles or recipes about food, health, fitness, diet trends, innovations in research, and factors that shape American’s health.

Criteria for Articles and Recipe Submissions

  •  Length: 300-500 words, written for an online audience
  • Content is accurate and current with a clear purpose
  • Culturally appropriate content for target audience
  • Written for 5th grade reading level
  • Uses the active voice, second person (you/your) conversational tone
  • Logical order with short paragraphs and subheadings if necessary
  • No advertising of product or service
  • For articles: must have 2 peer reviewed Journal article references
  • Student posts must be reviewed by a professor or preceptor prior to submission

Article Outline

  • Proposed Title: concise and catches the reader’s attention
  • Byline: First and last name and credentials as you wish them to appear
  • Introduction
  • Main Point #1
  • Main Point #2
  • Main Point #3
  • Wrap-up/ Take-home message

Recipe Outline

  • Must be an original recipe and accompany an original photo of the recipe
  • Authors must test the recipe at least twice

Title: Straightforward and descriptive

Byline: First and last name and credentials as you wish them to appear

Yield: How many servings does the recipe make?

Serving size:

Ingredient List: List ingredients in the order they appear in the instructions. List as specifically as possible and note if an ingredient is optional.

Instructions: Write instructions in a numbered list. Be as clear as possible and use standard cooking terms.

Nutrition information/tips: Please add any notes or tips at the end of the recipe.

If you do not receive a thank you message or response for submitting your article/recipe within 2 weeks of submission to the webpage, please email it to Carol Bradley at Thanks!