Top Food and Nutrition Trends for 2018

By: Alexandria Garcia, Graduate Dietetic Intern

In the field of food and nutrition, trends will always be present. Whether it is a new “superfood” or “diet craze”, it is important to stay up to date. Here are a few of the predicted trends for 2018.

Reducing Food Waste
Sadly, about 40 percent of food produced for consumption never reaches a human stomach. However, consumers are growing more aware of how much food is being wasted. Reduce food waste in your household by only buying the food that you need. Use your freezer to store leftovers, if you don’t plan on eating them during the week. Try frozen fruits and vegetables if your produce doesn’t make it to your plate. Frozen produce is just as nutritious. Make sure to check nutrition labels for any added ingredients, like salt or sugar.
Groceries on Demand

The trend towards online food shopping has boomed and is predicted to expand. These options have made shopping easier. Key trends to watch for are more diverse meal kits, recipes on demand, voice-controlled assistants to help with your purchases, and more efficient food delivery. However, keep in mind that grocery shopping and cooking is a great way to have more control over what goes in your plate.
Food and Your Genes
Nutrigenomics, is the study of how your diet influences your genes. Growing interest and research in this field is may make personalized nutrition possible. Nutrigenomics may be able to explain how your body responds to different foods. This also includes explaining why some people may become obese. New research will continue to improve the overall quality of diets and health. For the meantime, focus on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products.

Advances in science and technology have allowed for the consumers to be in control. With food being a part of your everyday life, being informed on these resources will allow you to be more aware of how your purchases impact the food system.

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