Dr. Jennifer Leheska is a registered and licensed dietitian who demonstrates her passion for helping people take control of their health and wellness through her work as a nutrition consultant in which she provides solution-based nutrition counseling for individuals and groups, recommending healthy options for every day food choices. Additionally, she serves as a nutrition authority and spokesperson for various organizations and companies to communicate expert food and nutrition information.

Dr. Leheska has a unique combination of training and research experience in human nutrition and meat science. Some of her research accomplishments include determining the average nutrient profile for grass-fed beef in the U.S. which is published in the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (SR), managing a large collaborative study to update the nutrient data of all beef cuts for the SR, and managing a FDA regulated efficacy trial for an animal pharmaceutical. These research activities earned Dr. Leheska recognition as the Advanced Degree Graduate of Distinction – Hall of Fame Award by Texas Tech University in 2015 as well as the Young Professional Achievement Award from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Alumni Society in 2009.

Dr. Leheska’s extensive research background has provided her a unique ability to compile and integrate the science into real life nutrition solutions. Her philosophies are based on sound-science that focus on nutrient rich foods. Dr. Leheska has special interests in optimal levels of high quality protein, sports nutrition, and integrative and functional nutrition.

Dr. Leheska received her BS in Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University, her MS in Meat Science at South Dakota State University, and her PhD in Human Nutrition and Meat Science at Texas Tech University where she also completed her Didactics program.