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Trick-or-Treat Tricks

Jennifer Leheska, PhD, RD, LD

Are you among the 70.6% of Americans who will have their light on October 31st to greet all the little ghost and goblins anxious to see how much candy loot t...

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Knapsack Nibbles for Back 2 School

By: Karen Geismar, Karen Beathard, Rachel Poland, Julia Jarrell, Tabitha Odom, Shelley Filipp, Carol Bradley


Now that summer has ended and we are back in school, what are th...

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Sweets and Treats for End of Summer

Sloane Souther, Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County, Dietetic Student Intern Love summer, but hate the heat? These treats will keep you and your kids happy and healthy in this Texas heat! Wi...

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Celebrate Kids Eat Right Month!!

Julia Jarrell, RDN, LD

August is Kids Eat Right Month, but how do you help your kids “eat right?” With all the conflicting information on social media, it can be complicated to sort throu...

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Family Meals Make a Difference

How many meals each week does your family eat together?  Research has shown that children who eat with their families tend to eat healthier, and when families eat together regularly, children of...

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“Kids Eat Right” in the Garden!

Karen Martin, MA,RDN,LD,FAND

Let them eat…dirt?  Summer pics of my grandkids are rarely clean and posed but are action shots exploring the outdoors and particularly growing their o...

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Think Outside the Bag with MyPlate!

Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

Back-to-school or back-to-work doesn’t have to mean back to boring, brown bag lunches. By using USDA’s MyPlate, you can create lots of different lunch option...

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