3 Easy Ways to use Avocado!

Hailey Morris
Avocado has been a very popular fruit in the past. It provides about 20 essential nutrients and is a great source of fiber. Avocados contain folate, potassium, Vitamin E, B-Vitamins, and folic acid as well. With all of these health benefits, people are always coming up with new ways to add the popular fruit into their daily cooking routine. Although this fruit contains healthy fats, it is important to realize that one large avocado has 30 grams of fat or more along with 300 calories or more. The AHA recommends consuming 20-35% total calories from fat. Because fat consists of more calories per gram compared to carbohydrates and proteins, being aware of how much you are eating during the day is crucial. Moderation is important, but do not limit yourself from the many benefits of avocado! Below are some delicious ideas that you can try!

1. Avocado Toast
You can spice up that boring toast by spreading mashed avocado on top and adding desired toppings such as tomatoes, radishes, etc. You can also slice avocados up and place them on top as well. Both options are great ways to start the day and even provide energy as a snack. You will be impressed with not only the taste of this snack, but the overall appearance will be sure to boost your mood as well.

2. Avocado Dressing
Do you ever get tired of store bought salad dressings? With so many options in the grocery store, it is so hard to figure out what options are the best choice for your health. Avocados can eliminate some of the confusion. There are so many recipes out there for avocado dressing. You can blend up the avocado and add it to yogurt for a creamy sauce on top of your salad. You can also add more flavors by adding avocado to some ranch for a creamy avocado ranch dressing. There are so many options, and sometimes-sliced avocado on top of a salad can do the trick as well.

3. Avocado Dessert
Avocados are becoming popular when it comes to the sweet stuff. They can replace the fat source in puddings, cakes, breads, etc. Avocados add a wonderful rich and creamy texture so why not try it out! Simply blend up the avocado and incorporate it into a recipe for a healthier option. There are so many recipes out there so do not be afraid to try something new!