All Star Football Recipe Flips

Jennifer Leheska, Mindy Diller, Tiffany Quevedo, Jennifer Cash, Tina Maxwell, Tessa Henard, Lori Kiker

Are you looking forward to football season but not the extra padding that may come with your favorite football foods? This year make a touchdown pass with these three easy All-Star Football Recipe Flips!
1. Power up with lean protein! Protein is key in building strong muscles and bones and it makes you feel full for longer. Some of our favorite football party foods often lean towards higher fat protein options. Here are some simple tips to keep it lean.
• Try baked wings instead of fried.
• Choose low-fat cheese.
• Add in nuts, beans & seeds for flavor and added protein boost.
• Choose lean meats such as 90% lean ground beef, sirloin steak, skinless chicken breast and pork loin for your favorite meat dishes.

2. Tackle carb friendly options! We hear a lot about carbohydrates these days, but many people are confused about what these foods are. Most commonly you might think of French fries, cookies, cakes, bread, and pastries when you hear the word carbohydrate. Instead, look for friendlier carb sources that are higher in fiber such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. You may also like to enjoy your favorite beer or cocktail during the game that lends to added padding by the end of the season. No worries you can sack the carbs with these few simple tips.
• Fill up on whole food carbs such as fruit and veggies.
• Choose whole grain chips/ tortillas/ breads.
• Enhance your nacho experience with whole veggie chips using peppers or zucchini.
• Drink in moderation and know that the type of alcohol you choose can save you many calories. For instance, low carb beer can save you about 50 calories in each bottle.
• Choose light cocktail mixers and those with no added sugar.
• Don’t forget about sugar in your sodas and choose low calorie beverages.

3. Intercept high fat content! While fat is necessary in a healthy diet it is very easy to get too much. Plus fat is more calorie dense than carbs and protein, and you may be adding more calories than you realize during the game. So, earn a safety and stop the added fat from sneaking up around your waistline by following these few simple tips.
• Bake instead of frying your favorite game day foods.
• Add flavor with heart healthy fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds.
• Try a tray of fresh fruit spears instead of high fat cookies and desserts.
• Choose tomato based sauces instead of cream dips.

So no matter how big or small the game may be, be sure to follow these touchdown tips for your All Star Football Recipe Flips.
• Power up with lean protein.
• Tackle carb friendly options.
• Intercept high-fat content.