Sarah Ryan, MS, RDN, LD

More than 175 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year. Knowing a few strategies will keep your family eating right all day long while still enjoying in the delights of the holiday.

#1. Start Your Halloween off Right
Breakfast is deemed the most important meal of the day for a reason. Themed breakfast ideas (that can be made the night before) include:
Ghostly pancakes or waffles—make whole wheat pumpkin pancakes or waffles then spoonful of non-fat vanilla yogurt and two chocolate chips to make a ghost.
Frankenstein yogurt cups—stir green food dye into your yogurt of choice. Fill up a small plastic cup then top with granola. Draw the face with a permanent marker on the cup.
Pumpkin fruit cups—draw your pumpkin face on the skin of the orange. Cut the top off, then gently carve out the inside with a spoon, filling with cut up fruit of choice. Serve with a satisfying protein like scrambled eggs or peanut butter toast.

#2. Snack Smart before Trick or TreatingBefore hitting the neighborhood, be sure to eat snacks that will give your family energy and satisfy their sweet tooth. Fill clean muffin tins with your family’s favorite snacks and invite your children to eat what they’d like before an evening of trick or treating. Ideas include berries, whole wheat cereal, hummus, mini pretzels, veggie sticks and cubed pieces of lean meat. Offer 100-percent fruit juice, milk or water as beverage choices to hydrate to feel great before going out.

#3. Consolidate Halloween Treats, Don’t Ban Them
All foods can fit into a healthy diet. After the big candy haul, ask the children to pile up the candy they enjoy most. Agree to donate the remaining candy to a local shelter or to troops overseas.
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